Bronaugh School Commencements


Here are scans of the Commencement programs in 1913 at Bronaugh School. Both were held at the Methodist Church (current location) which was directly across the street east of the school at that time.

The High School Graduation was held on May 22, 1913.

The professionally printed program featured gold embossed printing and included green tassles on a white cord - the class colors.

This item sold on ebay in 2018 and was found in Boise, Idaho.

Commencement was at the Methodist Church (referred to as the M. E. Church, South on May 22, 1913 and began at 8:00 p.m.


Valedictorian was Cora May Crum. Cora later married Delbert Rogers (his second wife) and together they had eleven children


Valedictorian Cora May Crum


Minnie Woody gave the salutatory address although she wasn't the salutatorian. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Woody. Minnie later became Mrs. Joseph Edgells.

Class members were Cora M. Crum, Glessner Brubaker, Hallie Stearnes, Minnie Woody, Brady Wise, Edith Hoggatt (?), Ardella Johnson, Jeannette Johnson, Fern Irwin, Cora Irwin.

The next night, commencement for Eighth graders from Moundville and Harrison Townships was held at the same church:

Notice that this was the sixth annual commencement for township schools - probably eighth grade graduation. The high school commencement above was the third annual commencement.

Moundville Township students were John F. Saathoff, Valedictorian and John G. Saathoff, Salutatorian. They were first cousins. John F. was son of Ben Saathoff and John G. was son of Albert Saathoff.

Other class members were earl Spears, Lena Smith, Elvenia Johnson, Sadie Saathoff (another first cousin to John F. and John G.), Man Williams, Ila Flemming, Phyllis Shanholtzer, Lola Stevens, Lucy Hawkins, Eddyth Brubaker.

There was quite an age difference among the graduates. For example, John F. Saathoff was born in October 1896 while John G. was born in January 1899 and their cousin Sadie was born in November 1897. However, they graduated the township school together.


Harrison Towhship students were Hazel Mc Dowell, Valedictorian, Marie Majors, Salutatorian, Elsie Woody (another daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Woody), May Leist, Eunice Whitworth.

The "Programme" featured the Nevada Orchestra.

Even the 8th graders had a motto, class colors and class flowers

Most of those who had completed the eighth grade continued their education for at least two more years in high school. Most of them can be seen in a 1915 photograph of all of the high school students.


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