I. N. Berry and family of Bronaugh

Isaac Newton Berry was Bronaugh's second postmaster. The post office in Bronaugh had begun service on June 3, 1886. The first postmaster was J. F. Webster who ran it out of his grocery store. In 1886, the post offices at Igo and Zulu, the two towns the preceded Bronaugh, were closed and mail service began in the new town of Bronaugh.

Isaac N. Berry is found living in Henry County, Missouri in the 1880 census living near the town of Bogard. He was age 23 (indicating that he was born about 1857 in Illinois). Living with him was his nineteen year old wife, Nancy A., and his five month old son, John. This refers to his first marriage to Nancy Easter (daughter of James H. and Euphany Easter). They had two children John and Daisy before Nancy's death on 7 January 1883. Nancy died while they still lived in Henry County. She was buried at Kepner Cemetery near Urich in Henry County beside her sister, Darthula Easter.

By October 1886, a James Berry was Bronaugh's young druggist. He had moved there recently from Adrian and his family had just joined him in their new Bronaugh home.

A little more than a year after Nancy's death, Isaac married Miss Kate A Haley. They were married in Adrian, Bates, Missouri in July1884. This would infer that Isaac was probably related to Bronaugh's druggist James Berry, who was also from Adrian.

Isaac and Kate were apparently living in Cass County, Missouri by February 16, 1886 when their first child, Arthur was born.

We don't know exactly when I. N. Berry moved his family to Bronaugh. However in September 1888, County Clerk Gordon had received an application for a saloon license for the new town. The application was supported by a petition signed by a number of Bronaugh residents including I. N. Berry.

Isaac and Kate's second son, George, was born in Bronaugh on October 22, 1888.

According to postal service records, Isaac N. Berry, was appointed to succeed J. F. Webster as postmaster on October 5, 1889. He served as postmaster for a few years until his death on March 1st, 1892. The clipping below, from the March 3, 1892, Nevada Daily Mail, shows that I. N. Berry died of consumption at the age of only 32.

This clipping is all that has been found regarding the death of Isaac Berry. Note that he was a member of the Odd Fellow's lodge. Unfortunately, the mention of a burial is vague. There is no evidence that he was buried beside his first wife. It is probably logical to assume that he was buried near Bronaugh. We would love to know the burial place of Isaac.

Postal service record prove that Kate Berry succeeded her husband as postmistress in Bronaugh. Her appointment was confirmed on April 12, 1892.

In 1897, the Bronaugh post office job paid $25.00 per month and it was a political job. Mrs. Kate Berry had been the postmistress since her husband's death in 1892. However, as the Republicans had won recent elections, the county Republicans nominated R. A. Doores to be the new postmaster. However, he turned down the job on the basis of chivalry since a woman would be put out of a job. The Republicans, in turn, nominated C. W. Starr and he received the endorsement of ex-Congressman Burton. The Republicans wanted to replace Mrs. Berry because her parents were Democrats. By October 6, 1897, Bronaugh had a new postmaster. Charles W. Starr took over the position, meaning that Kate Berry was out of a job.

Kate Berry was listed in the federal census living in Bronaugh for the 1900 census. She was listed as Katie A. Berry, age 33, a widow. Living with her were sons Arthur, age 14, and George, age 11. It appears that they lived on West Main Street beside Dr. Holmes. They probably lived in a store along Main Street, approximately across from the bank (current post office).

The last reference found for Mrs. Berry in Bronaugh appears in 1905. There was a fire in Bronaugh and the storefront of Mrs. K. A. Berry was damaged by the fire across the street. From descriptions of that fire, it appears that her store was on the south side of the west end of Main Street (agreeing with the 1900 census).

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