Avola, Missouri

east of Bronaugh, Missouri

Avola is located about 4 miles east of Bronaugh (about halfway between Bronaugh and Sheldon). There was a one room school there until it was consolidated into Bronaugh in 1948.

Avola Students in 1946

Erma Jean Staffen submitted this scan and wrote:

"I believe one of these boys is Benny Pritchet. I'm on the front row, second from the right and my sister Sandra Lee is next to me holding my hand. I think the goodlooking dark haired boy behind the boy in the overalls, is Charles Beeman, who I had a massive crush on. His sister, Juanita Beeman, was my best girlfriend. The blond girl standing next to me on my left, I think was named Sinsley. She had a brother, Frank. But I don't remember her name. It'll be fun seeing if anyone can identify the rest of these kids. "



Here are a couple of other Avola Scans:

The Avola Cemetery is one of the oldest in southern Vernon County. It is just east of Avola on a country road. Here are a couple of scans that I took in September 2002.

The photo to the right shows the path to the cemetery.

The photo below shows a distant view of this large cemetery. Its obvious how old some of the stones are from a distance.

Above are two Avola Cemetery scans shared by Jack Swait via Erma Jean Staffen.

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