Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri

State Hospital Employees 

I located a "yard long" photo of State Hospital Personnel. The photo is undated, but it is surely before the mid-1950's when the large towers were removed. The people are also not identified. I have included enlargements so that you can see the folks better. If you recognize anyone, let me know. I have left space to add that information.

Below that is another employee photo that has been submitted.


Notice the beautiful towers on the old main building.

Enlargement 1

Enlargement 2

Enlargement 3

Below is a photo shared by Joel Elliott whose father worked at Asylum No. 3 for around 15 years. Joel believes that this photo is a picture of his dad's trainee graduating class maybe somewhere around 1971 or 1972. His dad was Jan Darcy Elliott and is the short man in the front row on the right. Connie Jackson confirms that the photo mush have been 1971 because her husband was stationed in Korea when she graduated. Connie is the 3rd from the right.on the front row.

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From the collection of Lyndon Irwin