Armstrong Family of Moundville and Bronaugh

Rufus Pinckney Armstrong was married to Susan Elizabeth Doores. Susan and Pink were married 27 February 1881 (Vernon County Marriage Book B p. 162: R. P. Armstrong married S. E. Doores by E. E. Baker, Minister.). Prior to 1890 they lived at Moundville, as did a brother, James Armstrong. R. P. Armstrong was one of the carpenters who helped build the Bronaugh Methodist Church with his father-in-law, R. A. Doores. In 1893, "Pink" Armstrong was elected Alderman for Moundville. They had 9 children. At some point, the Armstrong's moved to Miami, OK where "Pink" died in 1904 (and was buried there). It appears that Susan and children moved back to Bronaugh at that time.

Pink's brother, James Armstrong married Hemenia/Xeminia Doores (consents of father & brother filed) on January 19, 1884 in Vernon County. Book C, p. 309.

A wedding was held at the Baptist Church in December 9, 1909. The “contracting parties” were R. N. Armstrong and Miss Stella Lucas, both of Bronaugh. Rev. Mrs. Crank officiated. The groom was be Neulin (or Newland), a son of R. P. and Susan Doores Armstrong.

Eula Lee Armstrong, married Elmer Wilker on December 22, 1909 at the home of her widowed mother, Mrs. S. E. Armstrong east of Bronaugh. The wedding march was played by Mrs. R. N. Armstrong Eula's new sister-in-law.

Susan Doores Armstrong died in 1934 and was buried beside her husband in Miami, OK.

Jard Armstrong was a son of "Pink" and Susan Armstrong. He was a member of the Modern Woodmen with his Doores cousins. Susan Doores tells that the spelling seems to be "Jurden " or "Jurdon" who was born 1893 in MO.

Jard Armstrong
photo from Susan Doores

To the right is the death notice for Edgar Warren, who died January 7, 1919 in Oklahoma of pneumonia. He was the husband of Nell Armstrong, daughter of R. P. and Susan Doores Armstrong. He was buried in Oklahoma and was survived by his wife and two small children.

The article is from the January 15, 1919 issue of the Bronaugh Journal.

The Armstrong ancestors were in western Missouri before the Civil War. In 1860 they are found in Johnson Co, MO. Jackson Township:

ARMSTRONG, J. J., 28 yr old male, Day Laborer, $60 personal property, b. NC

  • Angelina, 25 yr old
  • William M., 6 yr old
  • Elizabeth, 4 yr old
  • Rufus P., 3 yr old
  • Mary, 5 mo old

The Armstrongs were still in the 1870 Johnson Co, MO Census but in Kingsville Township:

DENNY, Juden (?), 71 yr old white male, farmer, $2,500, $1,200, b. NC.

ARMSTRONG, Ang., 34 yr old white female, keeping house, b. NC (her husband was either dead or gone)

  • William, 15 yr old
  • Francis E., 14 yr old female
  • Rufus P., 12 yr old male
  • Mary B., 10 yr old female
  • Brick (?) 7 yr old male.
  • James, 5 yr old male
  • Jennie, 3 yr old female

By 1880, the Armstrongs were in the Vernon Co, MO Census, living in Coal Township

ARMSTRONG, William, 26 yr old farmer b. NC, parents b. NC.

  • Sarah E., his wife, 26 yr old b. NC.

ARMSTRONG, Angeline, mother, 44 yr old, b. NC, parents b. NC.

  • Rufus P., 22 yr old, brother to William, b. MO, parents b. NC.
  • James, 15 yr old, brother to William.

They lived next-door to:

ARMSTRONG, John H., 30 yr old farmer, MO. [related???]

  • Elisabeth, wife, 24 yr old.
  • Rufus, 2 yr old son.
  • Sarah A., 2 mo old dau.

None of the Armstrongs appear in the 1900 Vernon County Census but they were probably in Oklahoma territory since that is where Pink died in 1904 (Miami, OK).

1910 Vernon Co, MO Census. Moundville Township.

ARMSTRONG, Newlan, Head, 23 yr old white male b. MO, parents b. MO. - Carpenter.

  • Stella, wife, 20 yr old white female, b. MO, father b. IL, mother b. IN.

1920 Osage Co, OK. Bigheart Twp.

ARMSTRONG, Newlin, head - working in oil fields.

  • Stella, wife
  • Bonnie, daughter
  • Lenard, son [Leonard?]
  • Emma L., dau
  • LUCAS, Lora, mother (Stella's mother)

1920 Craig Co, OK Census. Township 1.

ARMSTRONG, James, head

  • Xemenia, wife
  • William L., son
  • Paul, son
  • Mabel F., dau
  • Irene, dau
  • STICE, John, hired hand


Below is the obituary for Newlin Armstrong from the 1948 Bronaugh Journal.





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