Texas Fever

diseased liver

Fig.1. Shows the cut surface of a healthy liver taken from a steer.

Fig.2. Shows the cut surface of the liver in Texas Fever cattle.

Fig.3. Appearance of the urine in an acute fatal case of Texas Fever.

Fig.4. Red corpuscles, magnify one thousand diameters, containing the parasite of Texas Fever. The parasite appears as a point a near the edge of the corpuscle. The blood was taken from a skin incision. The case was nonfatal and occurred in late fall.

Fig.5. Red corpuscles from the blood of an acute fatal case, twenty hours before death. The Texas Fever microbes a are shown as pear shaped bodies within the red corpuscles. The larger body on the right b is a white blood corpuscle, magnified one thousand diameters.

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