The back of this photo stereoview tells:

" You are near the southern limits of the Exposition grounds, on a reservation of forty acres devoted to livestock. The men out there on the stand in the middle of the arena judges who have been inspecting and comparing specimens from the best cattle ranches and stock farms in the country. Today (September 15, 1904) they have made awards for bulls under two years old; nearly four hundred head were entered; and these fine animals now parading around the stand are the ones that took the prizes.... Thousands of interested spectators are always to be found on the benches as you see them now, whenever special shows and parades take place, and that means as often as the managers can dispatch and receive consignments of competing stock. The whole seasons has been a continuous series of such exhibitions. The prize awards here in this one section during the Exposition season foot up to nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The buildings belonging to this section of the Exposition, include model barns and dairies where every detail of practical work is shown in actual process according to the most approved methods of the twentieth century."